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Founded in Octobrt 2019


Amrobt specializes in researching, developing, and producing products that make people’s lives easier and smarter. We have designed a series of smart home appliances so people can spend more time to enjoy their lifes.

Overview Our Work

Engineered to Home with Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Our Team

The members of our team are from leading brands of various fields, including DJI Innovations, Huawei, etc. Different educational backgrounds and experiences in the fields of algorithm development, electronic engineering, mechanical structure design, exterior design, and manufacturing provide a strong impetus for the rapid development of our company.

Our Mission

We aim to bring advanced technologies into people’s lifes and to change the way of living.

Our Perspective

  • We are down to earth
  • We are positive and upright;
  • We explore the unknown indefinitely;
  • Our pursuit of ideals will never compromise;
  • We abide by our position and our vision, and go hand in hand.
Making your life easier and smart - Wherever You Need
Our Product

Robot Vacuum that Vacuum and Mop in 1 click - Amrobt 350


Additional Information

Technical Specifications

  • Robot Vacuum and Mop Synchronous
  • Surface Recommendation: Carpet
  • Controller Type: Remote Control
  • Battery Cell Type: Lithium
  • APP Control & Remote Control
  • Self-Charge and Running Time

6 Powerful Cleaning Modes

  • Automatic Cleaning Mode
  • Edge cleaning Mode
  • Spot cleaning Mode
  • Zigzang Cleaning Mode
  • Mop Cleaning Mode
  • Pre-set cleaning Mode

For Optimal Use:

  • Only support 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi, 5G not compatible
  • Use on low-pile carpets, tile, wooded and hardwood
  • floors. Not suitable for high-pile or hard carpets.
  • 100 to 240 voltage compatible.
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